Dots is a New York-based design collective specializing in art direction, space design, set, costume, and furniture design for theater, film, and television. With various fields of expertise and a special sensibility for creating, dots brings a bold and playful perspective to each project.

In collaboration with this talented collective, we created their brand identity and designed and developed their website. Based in New York, they specialize in creating immersive environments for narratives, experiences, and performances.

Our design process for the Dots brand went deep into the core of creative thinking. Focusing on the artistic process of conceptualization, we explored the intricacies of sketching, unraveling the mysteries of a creative mind. The narrative was developed based on how a single line has the potential to become anything and how any visual image is composed of interconnected dots.

The concept took on a whimsical tone, infused with unnecessary but vibrant gestures, echoing the language of the sketches. It is a conversation, an exchange of ideas, where each image is a dialogue. This playful tone captures the essence of dots: a collective that speaks the language of creativity and sees each project as a dynamic conversation waiting to unfold.