El Testigo

Together with curator María Belén Sáez de Ibarra, we worked on El Testigo, a project on the memory of the last 30 years of the Colombian armed conflict, based on the photographs and testimonies of photographer Jesús Abad Colorado.

The project comprises several areas of design; first, and in parallel, we designed the brand El Testigo: memories of the Colombian armed conflict through the lens and voice of Jesús Abad Colorado and the graphic design for the exhibition of the same name: an exercise in editorial and information design in space. Which we later replicated in the museum La Tertulia in Cali.

Subsequently, as a result of the success of the exhibition, in co-creation with the curator and the photographer, we designed the collection El Testigo: memoirs of the Colombian armed conflict in the voice of Jesús Abad Colorado. Conversations with María Belén Sáez de Ibarra. A process of observation, research, conceptualization and graphic, editorial and information design, which resulted in a collection of 4 books: 1380 pages, 700+ photos, 50+ testimonies and 5,000 copies in its first edition. It gives an overview of the territory, the people and the memory, the war and its consequences.

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