Designing for designers is a big challenge, and we realized this when working with our fellow designers at Haptica on the standarization and implementation of their brand.
Their approach to design is different from ours, as they are a service design consultancy. They trusted us to finish building their brand and think about how to communicate it, not only with their clients but also internally with their growing team. The goal was to differentiate themselves from the new consulting firms that are beginning to emerge not only in Colombia but also in Latin America.

With this project we explored different design processes, we started with a small revision of their logo, we adjusted and expanded the color palette leaving as protagonist their beloved orange color in oder to cover the step by step in their work methodologies, we defined photographic management, we created diagrams and movement systems to exemplify their ideas, we found metaphors to communicate their processes and with them we set the graphic path that speaks mainly of movement, dynamism and “contact narratives” that they are built with their service.