Fino is a sandwich delivery company located in Quito, Ecuador that emerged in the midst of the pandemic as a form of venture highlighting local ingredients to create global recipes and somehow approaching the world, which felt so far away at the time.

It is our first project for a hidden kitchen where we created a brand that would not have a physical space and that would emerge from the communication in social media. In the process we defined the key points of contact with customers and with them we designed a delivery experience with a very Ecuadorian, contemporary and fresh tone of communication that would define a way of consuming local products.

We created art direction manuals for the photography of the products and the imaginary scenarios where they would be consumed, we defined the categories of communication in their social networks to build a dynamic content that was not focused purely on the products but on the lifestyle that was constructed around the brand.

Within the process we thought of a narrative concept that allowed us to build brand claims and messages that were later taken to digital pieces and product packaging (which also respond to the need to avoid wasting raw materials, and facilitate production in economic terms for the business owners). We faced the challenge of designing from the distance, of prototyping packaging without having the product in situ and trusting and co-creating with our clients.