This project, created by the Artemisas Organization and 070, a digital media of the University of the Andes, is a platform for education on protest and informed social mobilization in Colombia, which arose in the context of the 2020 demonstrations and accompanied new and old demonstrators with educational tools to take to the streets in a conscious, responsible and informed way.

Its purpose is also to legitimize the exercise of protest in a country going through a very pronounced political polarization, to co-construct new narratives, stories and collective memories around the citizenship.

We worked with them, first designing the brand and graphic resources which were inspired by the graphics of the demonstrations. Under this graphic system we created pieces for social media helping the demonstrators prepare themselves by giving them tips, approaching different social issues and above all to understand their rights.

As a follow-up to this communication initiative, the need arose for a platform to record this ” street school” that was being created. On this platform you can find related articles, literature, lectures with activists and topics ranging from cyber activism, political incidence, citizen participation tools, to documentation on police violence.

Boroló inspires us to turn things around.