We met Matias and Javier, two of the owners of Oliveto, just before the pandemic started, which is why this project took some time to get off the ground while Oliveto’s team understood how to redefine the restaurant market in Bogota.

Upon starting to work, it was clear to us that this restaurant had been created from this family’s taste for Italian food, and had been making a name for itself in the city’s gastronomic market for 20 years. Nowadays and with the great offer that exists, they realized that they had to evolve their image and communication to reach new customers without neglecting their unconditional public.

We began by defining the brand’s narrative and communicational tone to translate it into a new logo, a new color palette, photographic guidelines, graphic resources and messages that would later be translated into their packaging set, a new menu, new uniforms, among other changes that they undertook when they decided to renew their brand.

Every change was very carefully made in order to maintain the spirit of this restaurant. Paying homage to Italian food, and paying attention to every detail in the treatment of its customers and its staff.

Oliveto was renewed but his tradition continues.

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